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We are a manufacturer of peremium quality UPVC Door & Windows for household, office Furnishing and project work. The product is quality oriented and have the following features:


We Give you 100% Whaterproof warranty on our given products. as have an amzing quality On your recomanded budget. Sliding Door: Sliding doors provide a sleek and classy look and occupy minimal space. Also, these uPVC doors are sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof, which makes them better than any conventional design


uPVC provides great heat insulation since it is a low or poor conductor of heat. As a result, uPVC doors and windows trap heat within the winter and keep unwanted heat out in the summer. As a result, uPVC doors and windows can help minimize energy consumption and, lower energy bills.


A Warranty Disclaimer is a short statement that puts your users or customers on notice of what type of warranty coverage you offer, or if you don't offer one. It can be part of a Terms and Conditions agreement, as well as a standalone.


We deal in premium UPVC products and Window Blinds used for household, office Furnishing and project work. The product is quality oriented and have the following features:

1. The Colour of e product is Milky White, Marble, C/brown, R/brown, D/brown, Matt Black.
2. The Product has 10 years warranty defects related to Colour, breakage, bending
3. Life of the product is estimated to be 25+ years.
4. The product with has the following advantages:
a. Products is Termite Free.
b. Product has Self Extinguing Characteristics.
c. Product has smaller carbon footprintas compared to Alumunium and wood.
d. Product results in freedom from painting and maintenance.
e. Product has Excellent Aesthetic look.
f. Product is Chemical resistant.
g. Product has the absolute water tightness ability.
h. Product is recyclable which helps in maintaining Green environment.
i. Product has superior cost to performance ratio.
j.Product has UV resistant feature.
k. Product is energy efficient and Dust repellent.
l. Product does not have stress cracking.
m. Product has no peeling.
5. We used premium quality Hardware in our products.
6. We provide all types of customised Doors and Windows in following formats:
a. Two Track sliding Doors and Windows.
b. Two Track Four sliding Doors and Windows.
c. Three Track sliding Doors and Windows.
d. Three Track Three sliding Doors and Windows.
e. Three Track Six sliding Doors and Windows.
f. Casement openable Door.
g. Casement openable Double Door.
h. Casement openable Window.
i. Casement openable Double Door Window.
j. Combination Doors and Windows.
k. America Doors and Windows.
7. Reinforcement of the product is done with the help of material named GI material.

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